About Us

Hi Loves! My name is Ofelia 💜 I started creating waistbeads in January 2021 during my pregnancy with my twins. It was a perfect new hobby to engage in and I began to create and wear so many different colors that I gradually found an attraction to its history, significance, and rewarding emotional and spiritual connection. I have never been a spiritual, grounded individual but I felt the difference when I began wearing waistbeads. Eventually, I decided to start my own business by creating and selling for other women, in hopes that they could experience what I have. There is so much beauty and power behind the colors, crystals, and gemstones that you can choose to wear. My sole mission with HERwaistbeads is that you too, regardless of your intentions wearing them, can find an uplifting once wrapped around you.  

Welcome to HERwaistbeads:

Highly-spirited. Opening a new eye to the spiritual world and absorbing all of its energy. 

Empowered. Having the knowledge, confidence, means, or ability to do things or make decisions for oneself.

Rooted. The essential core. The Heart. Governing one’s senses of stability, safety, strength, and commitment and is responsible for self-preservation and feeling grounded.