Care Instructions

Mindful Care Instructions for Elastic Waistbeads: 

  • Be mindful to not pull waistbeads while dressing/undressing (excessive pulling will overstretch and cause elastic cord to lose its shape)
  • Being barrel clasps, you may remove your waistbeads before bathing/showering. Over time, any gold, pink, or metal components of the waistbeads will lose their original polish/color. 
  • Do not yank or snag the barrel clasps when twisting on/off or it can cause the knot to rip out of its place.
  • Do not put on over your head or up your bottom, use the provided barrel screw clasps to place and remove your waistbeads. 
The stretchy, elastic cord used to create HERwaistbeads is a well-known, popular cord. Therefore it is meant and created to last for a long time. There are no returns or exchanges for broken waistbeads (seriously strong elasticity). 
 Handle with care.