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Alignment + Protection

Alignment + Protection

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A single threaded waistbead created with clear beads and the Chakra alignments and Evil Eyes. 

Color + Gemstone Symbolism: 
Crown- Violet: “I understand”- Knowledge, consciousness, fulfillment, spirituality The Third Eye- Indigo: “I see”- Intuition, lucidity, meditation, trust
Throat- Blue: “I talk”- Communication, expression, creativity, inspiration
The Heart- Green: “I love”- Acceptance, love, compassion, sincerity
Solar Plexus- Yellow: “I do”- Strength, personality, power, determination
Sacral- Orange: “I feel”- Sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, sociability
Root- Red: “I am”- Energy, stability, comfort, safety 
Evil-Eye: Worn to wear off negative energies and intentions. 

One single-strand waistbeads measured up to 50” or 60”
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